Calcium Silicate Corporation was founded in 1987. Its initial goal was to provide the agricultural industry with a high quality, readily available and spreadable source of silicon. Calcium Silicate Corp has been on the leading edge of silicon nutrition research and development since its inception. Currently, Calcium Silicate Corp is the largest provider of silicon nutrients for agriculture in the world.

Until recently our business was directed primarily toward providing a readily usable product valuable to the sugarcane, rice, and sod/turf producers. Over our 29 year history of growth, development and research, we have developed process capabilities to serve additional industries such as engineered mineral additives for metallurgical processes. Notable among these developments has been Ferro Phosphorous for the steel industry. Our ability to process minerals has led to growth in infrastructure, equipment and the trained personnel required to offer precision ground and classified mineral and organic products to a variety of industries.

Our agricultural, metallurgical and industrial pressure blasting products are now distributed throughout North America, South America and Asia totaling 100,000+ tons annually. Our self-owned rail and truck fleet operates out of our Florida facility with a triple rail spur terminal holding 100+ cars with loading and unloading capability, as well as bulk powder silo storage capacity for all forms of shipments.