OXY-KILL(r) Deoxidizer for the U.S. Steel Industry


Oxy-Kill℗, a replacement for Ferro-Silicon in steelmaking operations, has the reported benefits of increased graphite nuclei formation, lower impurity levels, improved oxygen removal and reduced cost. Oxy-Kill℗ is an effective slag deoxidizer, as well as an excellent source of silicon and carbon. Its low aluminum, sulfur and nitrogen content make it a very cost effective material to replace Ferrosilicon. Pellets are available in engineered sizes to meet your material handling requirements. Oxy-Kill℗ furnace additives offer a blend of finely divided silicon metal and fine silicon carbide crystals obtained from elemental silicon production. The SiC/Si blend is pelletized and/or pressed into dust-free shapes for efficient introduction to the steel making process.


OXY-KILL℗ Packaging

Oxy-Kill℗ pellets are packaged in 25 – 50 lb. paper bags, 500 lb. mini-totes or one ton super sacks for ease of handling at the foundry.

50% Ferro Si 70% Ferro Si Oxy- Kill℗ Met SiC
% Silicon 49 69 75 58
% Carbon 1 1 21 29
% Fe 48 28 2 2
% other 2 2 2 11
Silicon units/ton 980 1380 1500 1160